SokoSave 345

Advanced version of Sokoban


  • Loads of levels
  • Highly customizable
  • Playback history
  • Button-based or touchscreen controls


  • No sound FX


Few would've thought that a game about packing boxes in a factory could become so popular. Sokoban, which is Japanese for 'warehouse keeper' became popular on gaming platforms of the 1980s and there are now loads of versions available, especially on mobile platforms.

SokoSave is one of the better versions of the game you'll come across. The freeware comes with lots of features and settings designed to make your experience of the puzzler all the more enjoyable.

For starters, there's a playback history feature which allows you to undo one or more moves. This is done simply by sliding the slider backwards - or forwards if you want to redo the move. The playback section also lets you jump to a particular move, and can even replay all of your moves in slow motion.

The game controls in SokoSave are a bit confusing at first as they work differently to other Sokoban clones I've played on Windows Mobile. Luckily though, you get to choose whether to use the touchscreen or directional buttons to move the boxes around - so you can find the best control method for you.

One thing I love about SokoSave is the degree of control it gives you over your game. Not only can you alter graphical elements such as animation, background, orientation, etc., but SokoSave also lets you choose which levels you want to play. This is great for if you get stuck as it means you don't have to complete a puzzle in order to move onto the next.

If you're a fan of Sokoban then I challenge you to find a better Windows Mobile version of the game than SokoSave.



SokoSave 345

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